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Role playing group. Monsters have overrun the planet. Students have been sent to the academy to learn to fight.
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 Lesnia Swatch

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Lesnia Swatch
Gura House

Lesnia Swatch Screenshot2011-04-09at50205PM

My friends call me: Uh.. Les? I don't have a nick name or anything, I'm just Lesnia.
I'm a: Female
I'm this many: 17
Born On: June 10

Fighting Style
Supportive and Offensive
Offensive - Knifes one in particular that can turn into a sword.
Level: 5

Fighting Partner: Hogren the Hog-nosed Falcon
Level: 0
((Hogren cannot be a fighting partner yet))

Elemental Stones
Element lvl 0 (non-element for now)

Skill Points Remaining: 0/5

Lovely Locks: Brown with streaks of sun-bleached gold highlights.
Eyes: Hazel, in the sun they have a goldish tinge to it, the same as her hair.
Height: 5 foot 2 in
Weight: 120lb
Overall build: She is a little petite and curvy but, she has a good amount of muscle.
My Style: On special occasions she wears lavish clothing which she despises, though on normal days she wears normal clothes such as jeans, capris, and tee-shirts. She never likes wearing dresses or skirts though she is told to all the time.

Loves: She absolutely loves adventures, ruffing it, she's is quite the tom-boy, her favorite thing is Hogren her pet though he is her best friend, she loves cinnamon rolls, being a leader, challenges, and learning knew things that are useful in missions.
Likes: Oops, well I put everything under loves soo..
Dislikes: People who are overly depressing, high heel shoes, dresses, skirts, asparagus, complicated jewelry, and make-up.
Hates: She hates people who are mean for no reason but to be mean, people who don't follow her lead, people who tell her what to do, being controlled, being put in a box, and Sharwynn Maclain.
Personality: She is above all a leader, she tries to keep her group together and cooperate. If she is not the leader than she gets competitive sometimes. She is nice when you cooperate, but if you give her a hard time she will make your life miserable and she holds a grudge. She does not like to listen to teachers or even the principle. Though on the flip side of things she is a very loyal fighting companion. She has good leader qualities and she is not afraid of much. She is a survivor though she doesn't know too much about camping/survival skills in particular unless she is in the desert.
Father: Sorasio (Sore-ah-c-o) Swatch
Mother: Arna (R-nah) Swatch
Older Brother: Raso (Rah-zo) Swatch
Little Sister: Pressa (Press- ah) Swatch

Bio: Her family is a some what royal family with lots of money. Her family runs a 30 mile by 30 mile kingdom named Alicarna, given to the Swatch family a long time ago (because they were friends) from the king of the Desert of region, Savasara, in the largest island in the known world. The land was very successful and profits from it's main and busy port used for diamond trade up the coast from Alicarna. She is not next in line to rule, that is for Raso, but, she will carry out duties such as the army when she comes of age. As Lesnia grew up she was taught desert combat which shows in her fighting today, and astonishes many opponents. When she went to school she learned basic academic things though along the while she went through teachers like tissues playing pranks on them as the years passed. The one class she excelled in was battle so once she passed the age of basic academics she chose to enroll in Amber Academy.

I am looking for: Friendship, I, Lesnia Swatch is truthfully somewhat alone in the world, other than Hogren, though I never show it. I wish to find a few crushes *blush* but... we'll see how that goes. I want to become a leader, someone people can depend on. I wish to become proficiant in all battle and learn things that will help me along the path of being and army commander in Alicarna.
Pets: Hogren

Emilia Davis - Good friend so far, an okay fighter too.
Drake Phoenix - Probably the best fighter on the team, really helpful, and I trust him.
Fried Vansen - Eh.. He's okay, I don't really know him, he hasn't earned my trust yet, but he seems alright.

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Lesnia Swatch
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