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Role playing group. Monsters have overrun the planet. Students have been sent to the academy to learn to fight.
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 The History of Amber Academy

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Long, long ago there existed a small kingdom named Canon. This educated expansive kingdom was well known for its advanced magic and philosophy. The kingdom was highly regarded, seen as the keepers of peace and creators of innovation. However, the kingdom was not without its dark secret. On the nights that the moon was full the kingdom would grow quiet and all magical activity would cease. They were afraid of the demon Iagi who would be woken up by the brightness of the moon. The use of magic angered the demon. He would demand a sacrifice, claiming that the great magic that the kingdom preformed was created through his powers. The kingdom had no choice but oblige. Without knowing it, every sacrifice the kingdom offered Iagi led to the strengthening of his power and the spread of his evil and before the world could imagine it, Iagi had engulfed the world in darkness and fear. The kingdom of Canon existed no more.

The History of Amber Academy Divid
The five beast gods watched as the world turned to ruin. The fate of the world had saddened them greatly and they descended from the heavens to one by one in an attempt to revert the world back to normal. Decending from the northern heavens was a great Snow Leopard covered in pearls. Air hovered about the great beast's feet as she glided across the land in great leaps. This was Mauja the beast of the north. Mauja was known for her strength in mental agility. What she lacked in strength she made up in her quick wit combined with her impressive control of the wind. Following closely behind Mauja was the beast of the eastern heavens. With every step the beast took the Earth would quake underneath his feet. Urim was a great stag with jade antlers. His control over the earth had led him to be cautious of his steps and actions. He had a great concern for the others who lived upon the earth. The humans were the ones who cared for his precious earth after all. Lutra, too, took great care of the environment. From the southern heavens she glided carefully though the water. The water shaped around the otter as she swam though it, bits transforming and falling to the bed of the river in little specks of Lapis. Iagi's attack on the land had made many people unhappy. Those feelings were affecting the otter greatly. As the final land beast traveled to the ruins of Canon streaks of fire flashed across the sky. Gura, a falcon with ruby eyes, flew through the air with absolute confidence in his next attack. His flight from the western heavens had been long, but with his talons sharp and body full of energy, he was ready to face the demon. Nothing could defeat his fire. Just outside the land of Canon sat Nanda the King of the Beasts. He had been spotted around Canon on occasion, but nobody thought much of it, wolves had been known to wander through the city from time to time. Not much had been thought of the amber colored wolf. He watched as the other gods had appeared in the city and with a howl he ran back into the city that he had come to love.

The History of Amber Academy Divid
Nanda had started towards the demon. His swordlike claws racked across Iagi's chest. The move, however, was not very effective. The amber wolf growled calling to the others. Their help was needed inorder to bring the demon down. Always ready for action and the closest to the battle, Gura moved in for the fight. The bird swooped for the sunken in eyes of the beast. Talons mad contact with the eyes causing the demon to release a sickening cry that echoed across the clearing. With the demon blinded, the others went in for an attack. Urim stomped across the ground causing it to shake. Underneath the demon there came came spikes of stone, which made an attempt to pierce through the flesh of the demon. Lutra and Mauja worked together to freeze the demon where he stood. One after another the beasts cast their attacks in an attempt to rid the world of this demon once and for all.

Everything was ineffective. The years of sadness that Iagi has caused had strengthened him greatly, his power was too great that it even rivaled that of the beast gods. Even the gods' current frustration was helping him. Energy formed around his fists and with a quick move he lashed out at the bird that had blinded him. The energy surged through the bird. He was the first to fall. -TBC-

With their last amount of strength the gods joined together and as with their final attack, sealed away Iagi at the cost of their lives. The five beasts turned into stone and were spread across the land. Without the beasts monsters roamed across the land. Hoping to rid the world of the monsters, many people sought out the stones of the beast gods. None of the stones could be found. It wasn't until years later, that Edmund Wolvesbane, a descendant of the Canon kingdom came across the ruins of Canon and found Nanda the King of Beasts sealed inside Amber. The founding of the King of Beasts gave the world a new hope and they took it upon themselves to return the world to its formal glory. Edmund Wolvesbane, with his knowledge of magic and combat, created Amber Academy. There he would train students to protect the world from monsters.
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The History of Amber Academy
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