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Role playing group. Monsters have overrun the planet. Students have been sent to the academy to learn to fight.
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 Headmistress Rhea Wolvesbane

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Miss Meg
Miss Meg

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Headmistress Rhea Wolvesbane Empty
PostSubject: Headmistress Rhea Wolvesbane   Headmistress Rhea Wolvesbane EmptyFri Apr 08, 2011 7:15 pm

Rhea Wolvesbane
Amber Academy Headmistress
Nanda House

Headmistress Rhea Wolvesbane Pbucket

My friends call me: Rhea
I'm a: Female
I'm this many: 29
Born On: May 19th

Fighting Style
Level 185 - Double Major
Offensive - Claymore
Level: 75
Supportive - Tetsugen*
Level: 55

Mount: Hyerant the Earth Wyvern
Level: 30

Elemental Stones
Earth lvl 10 and Fire lvl 5

Skill Points Remaining: 5/185

Lovely Locks: Chesnut
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 147 lbs
Overall build: Medium sized frame, large thighs.
My Style: Rhea's choice in clothing if for functional purposes. Her clothes are usually a snug fit so they do not get in the way of her fighting or snag on her tetsugen. Usually she wears a simple, sleeveless shirt with a golden stripe down the front and black capris. On her left arm she wears armor on her arm which protects her blind side, as well as her tetsugen for extra protection, and a long glove so the wire does not cut up her fingers.

Loves: fighting, Krystal, Amos
Likes: cooking, magic, dragons, Amber Academy, Canon ruins
Dislikes: formal occasions, most animals, reading
Hates: dark magicians, curses, spicy food
Personality: Rhea is extremely outgoing. She has complete confidence in her ability to talk to others and is in no way afraid to speak her mind. This does not make her the most friendly person, as she is awfully blunt. When solving a problem, aggression seems to act before her mind even thinks of a peaceful route. Not too many things impress Rhea. The only thing that can make her extremely happy is fighting, followed closely by the people nearest to her, Amos and Krystal.
Edmund Wolvesbane V - father
Kari Wolvesbane - mother
Aaron Wolvesbane(deceased) - brother
Krystal Wolvesbane - daughter

Bio: The one thing that Rhea had known her entire life was fighting. From the moment that she was born her fist had been in her brother's face. She was a twin to Aaron Wolvesbane, her older brother by just fifteen minutes. The two were twins, but they were nothing alike. Rhea was highly active, stick usually in hand swung around as if attacking a nearby monster. Aaron was more scholarly, always with a book in his hand, but a prodigy as a fighter. They both were.

However, they were too young to understand how dangerous fighting could actually be. Late at night the twins would slip away from their beds and practice sparing. They were confident in their abilities, so they decided to use real weapons. Every attack was blocked with equal strength. Then Rhea got tricky. With a duck she was under Amos' sword. He reacted quickly and slashed forward with his blade. Steel met flesh. Rhea was thrown backward. Her eye stung. She held her hand to her eye, clenching it shut. Amos had cut her eye. She had fainted, thinking only about how much trouble they were going to be in when their father found out.

Her father, Edmund Wolvesbane V, was the head master of the fighting school Amber Academy. To say that he was angry at the twins was an understatement. He was furious, almost refusing them admittance to the school that they dreamed of attending. But in this case, the consequences of their actions was more than enough punishment. Rhea had become blind in one eye and Aaron would forever suffer from guilt of the attack.

When they finally came of age, the pair was more than delighted to attend the Academy. Rhea had been sorted into Gura; Aaron into Mauja. Despite attending the school together, the twins rarely ever saw each other. They slowly began to drift apart. It was then that Rhea met Amos Cecile. He was a young, aspiring magician from the Lutra house. The pair was teamed up together for a mission and they quickly found that they worked well together.

Years at the academy had passed. Rhea had become a double major and her attachment to Amos only grew. With graduation just around the corner, everyone was oblivious to the danger that was lurking around the school. One of the magicians had become absorbed in his dark magic. He began to worship the demon Iagi and loathe the very school where he learned to fight. An experimental potion of his had gone horribly wrong and spread though out the school making large amounts of students fall ill. It was now a perfect time to attack the very heart of the school, the Wolvesbane family. A large conjuration circle appeared in the schools court yard and out of it spilled monsters. In the heart of the circle was Aaron.

Rhea and her father appeared by the edge of the circle and pleaded with Aaron. He did not hear their pleas, only chanted a spell foreign to the fighters. The two were petrified, only able to move their mouths and watch as dark shadows spread from underneath Aaron's feet and connected to their own. Rhea stood there confused and unmoving, until she was yanked away from the circle by Amos. Face showing large amounts of concern, he started to preform a counter curse. The circle disappeared from the school grounds. Aaron was left frozen in the middle.

Movement had returned to Rhea's father first. He rushed forward and with a quick slash of his ax, made quick work of his son. The move had made his heart heavy and he fell to the ground in a mixture of coughing and crying. It had been the only time Rhea had seen her father so vulnerable. Amos carried her over to her father and the two of them mourned together, not yet knowing that Aaron's curse would have a larger effect on the pair.

Edmund's health had begun to decline slowly at first, but then sped up. Rhea's health, thanks to Amos' interference, was decreasing at a much slower rate. Aaron's curse was slowly consuming them from the inside out. The only sign of it existing was a wavy black mark just above their navels. But the curse existed and Edmund became unable to run the school anymore. With no other choice, he promoted Rhea to the rank of headmaster. Rhea was not very delighted with the news. She had a daughter to care for. It was Aaron who was supposed to inherit the school.

There was no choice. Rhea became the headmaster of Amber Academy.

I am looking for: Strength
Other infromation:
- Rhea is blind in her left eye due to a mishap when she was younger.
- She was inflicted with a curse when the school came under attack during her time as a student, causing her health to slowly dwindle away.
- On occasion, a wolf will join her when she fights due to her position as headmaster.
- Despite her dislike of animals, they seem to flock to her.

Amos Cecile- Rhea's long time friend. She has nothing but respect for the man. She owes him her life as he spends his time and energy containing her curse. The man means more to her than anything, besides Krystal, and if they both were not so busy with the Academy she could see the two of them getting married.
Krystal Wolvesbane- Krystal is Rhea's daughter who is living with Rhea's Mother away from the Academy. On occasion she comes to visit her mother when Rhea gives her the okay. The Academy is no place for a young girl after all. Rhea loves her daughter and wants no harm to come to her. She may or may not allow her to join Amber Academy when she comes of age. Krystal's father is unnamed.


Quote :
A Tetsugen is basically a long flexible wire which has some type of object affix at one end. By holding on to the end of this wire, the affixed object can be projected towards an enemy for a lethal attack.

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Miss Meg
Miss Meg

Posts : 89
Join date : 2011-04-08
Age : 28
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Headmistress Rhea Wolvesbane Empty
PostSubject: Re: Headmistress Rhea Wolvesbane   Headmistress Rhea Wolvesbane EmptyFri Apr 08, 2011 7:18 pm

Rhea's Posts:

[i][color=goldenrod][font=lucida sans][size=7]It's over,
No longer,
I feel it growing stronger.
I'll live to die another day[/size][/font][/color][/i]
[list][size=9]TEXT HERE. [/size][/list]
[right][i][color=goldenrod][size=18][font=lucida sans]Until I fade away.[/font] [/size][/color][/i][/right][/font]

[color=darkgoldenrod][b]"Talk" [/b] [/color]

It's over,
No longer,
I feel it growing stronger.
I'll live to die another day

    Text text text blah blah blah. "This is Rhea talking. She talks in darkgoldenrod."

Until I fade away.
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Headmistress Rhea Wolvesbane
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