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Role playing group. Monsters have overrun the planet. Students have been sent to the academy to learn to fight.
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 Vienna Reinhart the Gura House Chairman

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Vienna Reinhart the Gura House Chairman Empty
PostSubject: Vienna Reinhart the Gura House Chairman   Vienna Reinhart the Gura House Chairman EmptySun Apr 10, 2011 9:39 pm

Vienna Hellen Reinhart
Gura House Chairman

Vienna Reinhart the Gura House Chairman 6rrble

My friends call me: Vie (vee), Ann, Anna, just plain Vienna.
I'm a: Female
I'm this many: Twenty-five
Born On: December 10th

Fighting Style
Level 54 - Dual Major
Supportive - Sweeper (sniper gun)
Level: 34
Offensive - Vendetta (two short swords)
Level: 10

Mount/Fighting Partner: None
Level: N/A

Elemental Stones
Fire lvl 10

Skill Points Remaining: 0/54

Lovely Locks: Short, silky, thin chocolate brown hair. Has bangs that go up to about her eyes. Naturally wavy but since it's short you can't tell. Left down most of the time
Eyes: Almond shaped with double eyelid for both eyes. Color is similar to her hair, a chocolaty brown.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 137 lbs
Overall build: She has a slim, fit build that makes her seem smaller than she really is.
My Style: Like her brother, she has pretty good fashion sense. She's probably the reason why her brother dresses so well, since she used to help him dress when he was a kid. Although she likes her more fashionable clothes, she also enjoys wearing her comfortable sweatshirt and at times sweatpants

Loves: list a few things they love
Likes: list a few things they like
Dislikes: list a few things they dislike
Hates: list some things they hate
Personality: At first glance, one would probably think Vienna was a polite, graceful girl whom would be too fragile to fight. Well that'd be easy to prove wrong once you speak to her.
Vienna completely inherits her father's personality and is a rather impulsive person compared to her brother Vincent who took more after their mother and is at least somewhat impulsive (though he too was greatly influenced by their father). You could say Vienna embodies a Gura student rather well. As a natural born leader, she can easily take charge of a situation and turn it for the better. She's also head strong and stubborn. Once she decides something usually she sticks with it unless the person convincing her otherwise is just as stubborn as she is. She's also rather aggressive and not passive in the slightest. You can tell she's passionate about anything she sets her mind too, and a bit violent at times.
As a chairman Vienna loves her Gura students. Doting is something she does freely, even if she makes a person uncomfortable. In fact she likes making people uncomfortable, it's both amusing and adorable. Which brings us to another one of her more 'interesting' traits. She loves adorable and cute things, though sometimes you'd question what her definitely of 'cute' really is. She tends to hug and be touchy feely so you better prepare yourself if close by. However she'll rarely hug strangers
Kain Reinhart - Father
Marian Rivera Reinhart - Mother (deceased)
Vincent Dillon Reinhart - Younger Brother

Bio: State some things that happened in your characters past. At least two paragraphs explaining up to how your character got to where they are now.

I am looking for: Excitement
Pets: None
Other infromation:
Nothing at the moment. Will update later.

Vincent Reinhart: Vienna loves her little brother, simple as that. She'd probably go to any lengths to protect the boy if it comes down to that. Being the elder and only sibling by seven years she feels a responsibility to protect and look after him. Though she tends to show it in ways that he doesn't seem to understand. Also being the only female figure in the family after their mother passed, she practically raised him which added to her familial affection for her brother.
f you'd like your character to be added here, PM Risa.

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Posts : 18
Join date : 2011-04-10
Age : 26
Location : East Coast

Vienna Reinhart the Gura House Chairman Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vienna Reinhart the Gura House Chairman   Vienna Reinhart the Gura House Chairman EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 7:22 am

[list][center][size=10]text here[/size][/center][/list]

    "Vienna in Talking" 'Vienna is thinking' "Someone else is talking"
    regular text
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Vienna Reinhart the Gura House Chairman
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