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Role playing group. Monsters have overrun the planet. Students have been sent to the academy to learn to fight.
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 Drake Phoenix

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Drake Phoenix
Gura House

Drake Phoenix Hfthy

My friends call me: Drake
I'm a: Male
I'm this many: 20
Born On: November 26

Fighting Style
Level 5 - Offensive
Offensive - Double-bladed Scythe
Level: 5
Mount/Fighting Partner: None
Elemental Stones
Skill Points Remaining: 0/5

Lovely Locks: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Icy Blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 165
Overall build: Medum/large. Muscular.
My Style: Expensive designer shirts and jeans.

Loves: His homeland, his family, making friends, dating.
Likes: Cooking, sweets, cats, training.
Dislikes: Air-headed girls, monsters, fish, strict rules.
Hates: Defeat, humiliation, being insulted.
Personality: Stubborn. Determined. Aggressive. Overprotective. Impulsive. Easily provoked. Unpredictable. If one stays on his good side they can expect to see a laid back, friendly man with a relaxed sense of humor. However, one wrong move and he could transform into your biggest enemy. Once he is angered, it takes a lot to cool him down. His mind becomes clouded with emotions and he can no longer control his impulses. This happens quite often in battle, turning him into a fighting machine
Family: Demetrius Phoenix (Father), Sophia Phoenix (Mother), Demetra Phoenix (Sister)

Bio: Drake was raised in a high class society. His parents were the wealthiest in the area, providing him with endless money, power, and popularity. He was not a horrible tyrant, as many would assume. However, he was very popular amongst his peers. Women swarmed him, and he was always surrounded by groups of his male friends. He was the envy of the town-- At least until the attack. On a seemingly peaceful evening, monsters invaded the town from every direction, demolishing everything in their path. With a durable home, the Phoenix family survived, but not without facing a horrible consequence. Drake's beloved sister, Demetra, had been seriously injured. While she recovered in the hospital, Drake's parents decided it was time to take action and sent him off to Amber's Academy, where he would learn to defend himself and others from these terrible creatures.

I am looking for: Strength, power, friendship, love.
Pets: None at the moment. (I might add one later)

He is growing closer to his teammates Lesnia Swatch, Emilia Davis, and Fried Vansen


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Drake Phoenix
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