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Role playing group. Monsters have overrun the planet. Students have been sent to the academy to learn to fight.
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 Sophia Hales the Mauja House Chairman

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PostSubject: Sophia Hales the Mauja House Chairman   Sophia Hales the Mauja House Chairman EmptyThu Apr 14, 2011 11:32 am

Sophia Rebbecca Hales
Mauja House Chairman

My friends call me: Usually Sophia, sometimes Sophie
I'm a: Girl
I'm this many: 22
Born On: March 11th

Fighting Style
Level 68 - Supportive
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Level: 40

Fighting Partner: Juniper (Puppy, See below)
Level: 10

Skill Points Remaining: 18/68

Lovely Locks: Light Blonde
Eyes: Cold Blue
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 150 lbs
Overall build: Small Framed
My Style: Bright Colorful Clothing as well as simple Neutrals

Loves: Life, Being Happy, Eating
Likes: Summer, Fighting, Sunny Days, Animals, Camping
Dislikes: Rain, Fish, Indoors, Bad hair days
Hates: Revenge, Mean people, Complainers
Personality:Fun and Happy girl. She acts very childish most of the time, but is very serious about everything that she does. She can be really impaitent and doesn't like to be kept waiting. Loves physical activities such as running, hiking, biking ect. Super independent and doesn't like following what people tell her but will listen to those who have authority over her. She trusts too easily, but is a very good and loyal ally. She is a very friendly person but don't get on her bad side or she will most likely hate you for a while.
Mother: Katherine Elizabeth Hales
Father: Spencer Hales
Siblings: Oliver "Ollie" Hales

Bio: She had a fairly good life. She was an only child and lived her mother and father and was happy till she was sixteen when her baby brother was born. Her parents weren't planning on having another child but they figured they weren't getting any younger and that's when Oliver arrived. Little Ollie, as they called him, got all the attention of the family. While Sophia stayed by herself her parents were cooing over their new favorite. After a year of this Sophia had enough. She ran away to Amber Academy and started going to school there. She made her way up in levels until she was where she is now as the Mauja house chairman. She is more happy her than she was ever with her family. She tries to forget her mother, father, and that little Oliver, but sometimes she can't help but wonder what happened to them...

I am looking for: Knowledge, and maybe love
Pets: Sophia just recently got her new fighting pup, Juniper. He is a white Brittany puppy with orange on his ears, back and belly. He has warm brown eyes and a tan nose. Juniper is small but very muscular, even at his young age. He is very energetic. He only listens to Sophia and is by her side at all times.

Partner/♥: She hasn't met anyone that she really likes
Friends Who Are Dear to Me: I have a few, but I haven't stayed close to them
People I Don't Like Very Much:Nobody. . . Yet

More detailed information can be found here I will get an image as soon as possible ;D
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Sophia Hales the Mauja House Chairman
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