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Role playing group. Monsters have overrun the planet. Students have been sent to the academy to learn to fight.
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 Role Playing Rules

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Amber Academy is a literate guild.
It is expected that you keep your role-playing as literate as possible. On average there should be at least a paragraph (5-10 complete sentences) per post. It should be a given that chatspeak is not allowed in any posts unless it is marked as out of character. It is understood that sometimes people may have slip-ups, but if there are too many of them, you may get a warning.

Ooc and Bic.
Be sure to use some sort of out of character and in character format. ooc and bic work well. Other forms, as long as others can follow it are allowed. I personally use ((blah.)) to mark what I say out of character.
As another note, it would be preferred if major out of character conversations between role-players took place on one of the general chat boards or on the guild board.

You have your own characters.
It is no fun if you control other peoples characters so things go your way. Sure it may be fun for you, but not for others. You may also not injure another persons characters without their consent.

Pay attention to the level up system.
Your abilities depend on your level. That makes it really easy for you to know what your character can and cannot do physically. If you cannot beat something with your current abilities, then find ways to level up or team up with somebody. The level up system also helps the Student Council keep tabs on your character.

Characters must be human.
There are only humans in this role-play. Characters may have pets, but pets cannot talk and are normal looking animals. Nothing too big is allowed. Pets are not magic.

Be Active.
It is understood that some things might make it hard for you to attend to your character in Amber Academy, but surely you can make some time to post at least once a week. If you know that you are going to be gone for an extended period of time please give some warning.

Please keep all actions PG-13.
Fighting. There will be no very graphic fights. People do get hurt fighting. Graphic details can be omitted and hinted to. Nothing is wrong with broken bones and cuts. Not things cut off though.
This includes language.
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Role Playing Rules
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