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Role playing group. Monsters have overrun the planet. Students have been sent to the academy to learn to fight.
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 Video Games

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Miss Meg
Miss Meg

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PostSubject: Video Games   Video Games EmptyFri Apr 08, 2011 9:01 pm

Post the games that you know and love. Anything new? Anything old that you like but nobody else will give it a chance?

My current obsession:
Video Games Test_by_Ludolik

It seems like a waste of time to gather cheese and put up with trolls all day. Because it is. But it is strangely addicting and I have made some great friends.
The chat has some strong language on it at times though.

:U My overall rank is
4,611 of 1,727,451
and still climbing to the top, slowly.

Username: Laaggg
Usually found in EN 1, Room 12
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PostSubject: Heavy Rain   Video Games EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 6:29 pm

I have never actually played the game nor have seen the ending of the game but, one night my brother and cousins were playing this game called Heavy Rain on the playstation and I loved it. First I shall introduce the characters:

Ethan Mars: An architect with a wife and two sons. Two years prior to the main story, his elder son, Jason, dies in a car accident that leaves Ethan in a coma. Now awake, Ethan remains depressed and stricken with grief, and lives alone, estranged from his wife and distant from his other son, Shaun. Ethan soon discovers that Shaun may become the next victim of the Origami Killer, and is forced to go to extreme lengths to save him. But, Ethan mysteriously finds that he blacks out at the said time of every Origami murder and once woken up he finds himself near to the area in which they take place. Stranger still, the Origami killer tends to attack people who have similarities to his dead son. This leads him to suspect that he is the unintentional origami killer.

Madison Paige: A photojournalist living alone in the city. Suffering from chronic insomnia, she occasionally checks into motels, as they are the only place she can properly sleep. She eventually finds herself involved in the latest Origami Killer case, conducting her own investigations.

Scott Shelby: A retired police officer, currently working as a private investigator conducting an investigation into the Origami Killer.

Norman Jayden: An FBI profiler sent to support the police force with their investigation into the Origami Killer. Jayden possesses a set of experimental augmented reality glasses called an "Added Reality Interface", or ARI. It allows him to rapidly investigate crime scenes and analyze evidence.

Alright, now that you know the characters, there is a murderer on the loose called the Origami killer, who always leaves behind a white flower and a piece of Origami hence the killer's name. The plot of it to me just seemed amazing, that's why I still like it.
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Video Games
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