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Role playing group. Monsters have overrun the planet. Students have been sent to the academy to learn to fight.
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 Vincent Reinhart

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PostSubject: Vincent Reinhart   Vincent Reinhart EmptySun Apr 10, 2011 8:58 pm

Vincent Dillon Reinhart
Urim House

Vincent Reinhart 21j4ppd

My friends call me: Vince, Vincy. Basically anything.
I'm a: Male
I'm this many: Eighteen
Born On: May 9th

Fighting Style
Level 6 - Offensive
Offensive - Two Handed Sword
Level: 6

Mount/Fighting Partner: None
Level: N/A

Elemental Stones
Currently No Elemental Stones

Skill Points Remaining: 0/6

Lovely Locks: Straight silky auburn hair that's layered with long bangs. Slightly messy at times but well styled when there is a need.
Eyes: His left eye is a light brown with a red tinge to it. His right eye no one at school has seen since he wear a patch over it which he says is due to an injury. The patch is usually covered by his bangs. Underneath the patch there is a scar going down his eye which is probably the injury he speaks of.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Overall build: He has fairly broad shoulders and toned muscles he attained from physical labor back at home.
My Style: Vincent, despite his personality, has pretty good style. He only dresses fancy when required but generally has a good eye for fashion during normal occasions. However he doesn't realize it at all. Prefers loose clothes over anything tight and restraining

Loves: list a few things they love
Likes: list a few things they like
Dislikes: list a few things they dislike
Hates: list some things they hate
Personality: Vincent is a bit of an eccentric to be blunt. He does things the way he wants too and doesn't necessarily care for the impression he gives. 'Normal' is not a word that you can pin him down with. His actions might be spontaneous and completely unorthodox but never will he do things to intentionally hurt another. His sense of shame is basically non existent most of the time. It's actually quite entertaining, one you get used to it.
One frustrating characteristic of Vince would be his lack of seriousness. He's far too laid back for his own good, and never really takes people seriously even if they insult him. Due to this he gets both people who hate him for acting so carefree and people who enjoy, or are entertained, by his lack of malice. The only times one will ever see him serious is in a fight or when he's angry.
Speaking of anger, it's rather difficult to enrage the eighteen year old. His tendency of having a calm, aloof outlook stops him from becoming angry often. Although there are times when he acts angry and looks the part, nine times out of ten he really isn't angry. But it is quite a terrifying sight when he does snap. It's like things about him changes completely. He attains a bloodlust and can't really control himself. People say it's his father's ex-mercenary blood lurking within him but others just say he pents things up too much so it explodes when he rages.
School and studying has never been Vincent's strengths. Reading was too much of a pain and staying still listening to lectures was never fun. You can often find him falling asleep in class in the most random positions. Well, to be honest you could probably find him falling asleep anywhere. All it takes is a boredom. Vincent is tardy quite a bit. Rarely will you see him early, for anything in fact. If you do someone's bound to have dragged him along or something's wrong with him that day.
Hard working is an adjective that fits him as long as it's related to something he likes to do or is interested in. He's quick a quick learner if it comes to hands on things, unlike books or things that require studying in general, and makes an excellent student as long as you get him motivated. Although he's not the sharpest tool in the tool box. He's also rather slow at understanding personal things or anything related to emotions. You can thank his carefree attitude for that.
Kain Reinhart - Father
Marian Rivera Reinhart - Mother (deceased)
Vienna Hellen Reinhart - Older Sister

Bio: State some things that happened in your characters past. At least two paragraphs explaining up to how your character got to where they are now.

I am looking for: Strength, friendship and adventure.
Pets: None
Other infromation:
Can't think of anything. Will update later.

Vienna Reinhart: Vincent, no matter how much he complains about her or denies this, holds high respect for his sister. He even respects her more than their father, which isn't all too surprising in all honesty. They bicker quite often due to Vienna's love of teasing him but are quite close because of that bickering. Having been protected by his sister and his father for so long, he aims to be skilled enough to do the same in return.
If you'd like your character to be added here, PM Risa.


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Posts : 18
Join date : 2011-04-10
Age : 26
Location : East Coast

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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Reinhart   Vincent Reinhart EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 7:19 am

[list][center][size=10]text here[/size][/center][/list]

    "Vincent in Talking" 'Vincent is thinking' "Someone else is talking"
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Vincent Reinhart
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